2022-2023 Administrative Assistant II (CVAAST)


This program provides comprehensive preparation for individuals who are currently employed as office assistants and who wish to advance their careers in office administration by upgrading their skills. Providing the knowledge and skills necessary for employment as a high-level administrative assistant or executive assistant in the public or private sector, this advanced certificate builds on skills developed in the Administrative Assistant I certificate program. In the Administrative Assistant II program, emphasis is placed on the expanding duties of an administrative assistant, and on the necessity of acquiring an in-depth knowledge of integrated software applications for the office. While mastering the technical knowledge essential for the office professional, students will also learn office management and organizational principles. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for skill enhancement in information processing, basic financial management, electronic presentations, and office administration. Upon completion of this program, the student will receive an advanced certificate as an administrative assistant.

Admissions Requirements

Completion of the Administrative Assistant I Certificate. Exceptions may be allowed upon consultation with a program advisor and evidence of relevant prior professional and/or academic experience.

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Business Department
Joyce Jenkins
Sandro Tuccinardi

Course Requirements

Major/Area Requirements

Class Title Minimum Credits
BOS 182   Database Software Applications 3
BOS 207   Presentation Software Applications 2
BOS 208   Desktop Publishing for the Office 3
BOS 230   Electronic Forms Design 3
BOS 250   Office Administration 4
BOS 284   Spreadsheet Software Applications II 3