2022-2023 Custom Auto Body Fabrication and Chassis Design (CVABFC)


The Custom Auto Body Fabrication and Chassis Design certificate focuses on advanced body and paint techniques used to customize automobiles and turn them into "rolling showpieces." Students will expand on knowledge acquired in the Auto Body Repair program. Working in teams, students will build, complete and show a project vehicle. Students will learn advanced sheet metal fabrication and construction of a custom automobile chassis. Areas of study will include various types of building materials and their uses, measurement, pattern development, mechanical drawing, fastener selection, MIG and TIG welding and frame design and suspension types. Other topics such as candies, pearls, tri-stage paint jobs and the application of custom graphics will be discussed. Upon acquiring this advanced certificate, employment possibilities may include specialty shop technician, custom paint technician and metal fabricator/welder.

Contact Information

Adv Tech/Public Serv Careers
Transportation Technologies
Julie N. (Niki) Lee
Timothy M. VanSchoick

Course Requirements

Major/Area Requirements

Class Title Minimum Credits
CCC 210   Custom Auto Body Technician I 4
CCC 215   Custom Fabrication and Chassis Design I 4
CCC 250   Custom Auto Body Technician II 4
CCC 255   Custom Fabrication and Chassis Design II 4