CST 275: Computer Forensics II

In this course, students learn new skills to apply to real and lab-produced hypothetical cases. Hands-on exercises guide discussions and reinforce the subject matter. Students will learn advanced techniques used to obtain and analyze digital information for use as evidence in civil or criminal cases. Topics may include analysis of volume and file system or of specific evidence data including registry and Internet artifacts, deleted data, thumb files, shadow files and reparse points. Students will enhance their understanding of the Forensics Tool Kit Suite. This course helps prepare students to sit for the AccessData ACE certification test. This course contains material previously taught in CSS 275. The title of this course was previously Data Recovery and Forensics.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6; CST 270 minimum grade "C+" and CNT 201 minimum grade "C"

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Description Hours
Credits 4
Lecture Hours 60
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 0
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 60

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