IWT 211: Rigger Trainer Development Program

This Rigger Trainer Development Program will cover fundamental and advanced rigging concepts with emphasis on proper rigging techniques per ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), OSHA, and manufacturing recommendations. Each course session will incorporate both a classroom presentation as well as the opportunity to work in a workshop setting to solve various real-world rigging problems. Participants will be instructed on the new B30.26 "Rigging Hardware" standard that went into effect in 2006, and information will be shared on the B30.9 "Sling" update. Other topics discussed will be proper selection and application of blocks, plate clamps, steer erection standard, rigging math, and a computer tools workshop to make participants aware of the various Crosby Rigging CD-ROMs that may be used to educate others. Limited to Ironworker Instructor Training program participants.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6


Description Hours
Credits  1.5
Lecture Hours 22.5
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 0
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 22.5
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