NCT 244: Advanced Manufacturing Capstone (CNC)

In this course, students will use skills learned in the advanced manufacturing program to design and build complex project(s) to solve a problem. To create these projects, students will use CNC and manual machinery, as well as create machine code programs (G-Code) manually and with CAD/CAM software. Students will create detailed drawings of their project with CAD software. Process plans, detailed set up sheets including required tooling and cutting conditions will be developed to meet industry standards.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6; Academic Math Level 4; NCT 121, NCT 123, and NCT 221, minimum grade "C+" in each course; NCT 221 may enroll concurrently

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Description Hours
Credits 3
Lecture Hours 15
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 60
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 75

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