ROB 101: Robotics I - I

In this hands-on course, students will learn to operate an industrial robot and create entry-level robot programs. The primary emphasis of this course is to introduce students to industrial robotics and automated manufacturing. Student will learn to utilize different jog modes, tool center points and discrete inputs and outputs as well as how these factors affect a robot's motion path. Students with technology interests that enjoy working with their hands like gaming, manipulating code, robotics, and 3D printing are suited for this line of work. This is the first course of the robotics series.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6

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(2022, 2024, 2026)

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(2023, 2025, 2027)

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Revised: 3/30/23

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Description Hours
Credits 2
Lecture Hours 15
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 30
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 45

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