UAT 259: Backflow Repair and Maintenance (UA 4007)

In this course, students will identify the need for and safety of backflow devices as well as demonstrate the repairing, trouble-shooting, and testing of backflow systems. Students will be provided with extensive hands-on practical experience dealing with repair and maintenance of large diameter assemblies from various manufacturers. In addition, students are required to test and document the various types of backflow devices currently used in the field. Online resources relating to backflow repair and maintenance will also be discussed and utilized. The title of this course was previously Backflow Repair and Maintenance. Limited to United Association program participants.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6

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Description Hours
Credits 1.5
Lecture Hours 22.5
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 1.5
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 24

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