2022-2023 Business Enterprise (APBUSD)


In this program, students will develop a practical background in daily business operations, spanning the major fields of practice. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enter or advance in Business. Students can focus on one or more of the areas such as business management, marketing or finance.

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Business Department
Donna Rochester
Sandro Tuccinardi

Course Requirements

First Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
ACC 100 or   Accounting Practices for Business
ACC 111   Principles of Accounting I 3
BMG 140   Introduction to Business 3
BMG 207   Business Communication 3
BMG 230   Principles of Management 3
BMG 250   Principles of Marketing 3

Second Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
  Restricted Elective(s): Select 15 credits from ACC 110, ACC 131, BMG 111, BMG 160, BMG 165, BMG 181, BMG 205, BMG 206, BMG 228, BMG 240, BMG 273, BOS 184 15

Third Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
BMG 293   Business Enterprise Essentials Capstone 1
Elective   Writing Elective(s) 3-4
Elective   Math Elective(s) 3-4
Elective   Nat. Sci. Elective(s) 3-4
Elective   Open Electives 5

Fourth Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
Elective   Speech/Comp. Elective(s) 3-4
Elective   Soc. Sci. Elective(s) 3
Elective   Arts/Human. Elective(s) 3
Elective   Open Electives 6