2022-2023 Health Administration (ASHA)


The Health Administration program provides students with the skills necessary for the entry-level employment in healthcare management. Students in this industry lead and oversee the operation of complex health care entities including hospitals, outpatient facilities, health care systems, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, mental health centers, fitness centers, insurance companies, schools and public health systems. Upon completion of this associate degree, the student should be able to: understand medical terminology, apply health care knowledge in economic analysis, accounting, and effectively communicate with team members.

Contact Information

Health Sciences
Health Science
Karolyn Lehn

Course Requirements

First Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
BIO 109 or   Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 111   Anatomy and Physiology - Normal Structure and Function 4-5
MTH 160 or   Basic Statistics
Elective   Any math level 4 or higher course 3-4
Elective   Writing Elective(s) 3-4
Elective   Soc. Sci. Elective (not ECO) 3

Second Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
ECO 211   Principles of Economics I 3
PHL 244   Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care 3
Elective   Speech/Comp. Elective(s) 3
Elective   Natural Science (not BIO) 3-4
Elective   Restricted Elective(s)* 2

Third Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
ACC 111   Principles of Accounting I 3
ECO 222   Principles of Economics II 3
HSC 100 or   Basic Nursing Assistant Skills
HSC 103 or   Healthcare Exploration
HSC 165 or   Foundations of Caregiving
RAD 100   Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging 1-4
HSC 147 or   Growth and Development
PSY 206   Life Span Developmental Psychology 3-4
HSC 124   Medical Terminology 3
HSC 131   CPR/AED and First Aid 1

Fourth Semester

Class Title Minimum Credits
HSC 256   Health Clinical Experience** 2
HSC 257   Evidence-Based Practice in Action 3
Elective   Arts/Human. Elective(s) 3
Elective   Restrictive Elective(s) needed to reach a minimum of 60 credits (3-11 credits)* 11


*Restricted Electives - Students will be referred to an advisor and advisors will be provided with a list of programs/courses such as HLT Certificates and Associate Degrees, Computer Software Applications courses or Human Resource Management courses. **Clinical Experience - Students who have experience working in a clinical healthcare setting may request credit through a portfolio evaluation. Please contact advisors for additional information.