Elementary Education Transfer/UM Dearborn Elementary Ed PK-3 and 3-6 BA (APELEE16D3)

Associate in Applied Science

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2024-2025 Academic Requirements

This program prepares students for transfer to University of Michigan-Dearborn's Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a concentration in the PK-3 and 3-6 Grade Bands. Students should check with an advisor for information on transferring

University of Michigan-Dearborn, BA Degree

For the entire list of articulation agreements:

Adv Tech/Public Serv Careers
Public Services Careers Dept
Mary Mullalond
Niki Lee
Jan Militello
Class Title Minimum Credits
  Complete a maximum of sixty-four credits at Washtenaw Community College as outlined on the Articulation Agreement 64
  Complete a minimum of seventy-five credits at University of Michigan-Dearborn as outlined on the Articulation Agreement 0
Total 64

Total Credits Required