Health Program Preparation/EMU Dietetics Combined (BS + MS) (ASHPP01N5)

Associate in Arts:
Transfer Program

This is a high demand, high skill and high wage program as defined by the Michigan Community College Network.

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2024-2025 Academic Requirements

This program prepares students to apply to Eastern Michigan University's Dietetics Combined (BS+MS) program. Students should check with an advisor for information on transferring.

Eastern Michigan University, BS and MS degree

For the entire list of articulation agreements:

Health Sciences
Health Science
Karolyn Lehn
Michael Brown
Whitney Lee
Class Title Minimum Credits
  Complete a maximum of sixty-one credits at Washtenaw Community College as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 61
  Complete a minimum of eighty-three credits at Eastern Michigan University as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 0
Total 61

Total Credits Required