Addiction Studies (CTASTC)

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2024-2025 Academic Requirements

This program is designed for professionals interested in pursuing Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling (CADC) certification through the State of Michigan. Courses focus on knowledge and skills necessary for working with clients with substance abuse disorders. This program will fulfill most of the educational requirements needed for CADC. Additional requirements for work experience and supervision must be met outside of this program.

Humanities, Social & Behav Sci
Behavioral Sciences Department
Kristy Norris
Will Teague
Brittany Tripp
Major/Area Requirements
Class Title Minimum Credits
HSW 296   Neuropsychology of Addiction 3
HSW 297   Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders 3
HSW 298   Treatment of Addiction* 3
PSY 240   Drugs, Society and Human Behavior 3
Elective   Restricted Electives: HSW 100, HSW 200, PSY 210, PSY 257, SOC 205, SOC 220, SOC 225 9
Total 21

Total Credits Required


*Must be the last course taken in the sequence of courses.