2022-2023 Animation for Game Art (CVANIG)


This program focuses on the growing electronic game industry. Students will build on their 3D animation skills and learn how to create game levels and custom game assets. Students will create basic artificial intelligence entities and triggers as well as in-game cinematics. Students will learn how to package a game for distribution.

Admissions Requirements

Students must have completed the 3D Animation Certificate or have appropriate industry experience.

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Digital Media Arts Dept
Randy Van Wagnen
Kevin Bindschadler

Course Requirements

Major/Area Requirements

Class Title Minimum Credits
ANI 180   Introduction to Game Level Design 4
ANI 190   History of Game Design 3
ANI 240   Advanced Game Level Design 4
ANI 250   Organic Modeling and Rigging 4
ANI 260   3D Animation III 4